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Clueless & Co. is a light-hearted, whimsical, tongue- in-cheek, bitingly irreverent and throughly exaggerated romp through corporate Calcutta, in the early ‘80s. It is narrated from the perspective of two comparative greenhorns: one, Rahul Banerjee, who, on a sudden impulse, resigns a stable, albeit predictable, job with a multinational company to start a market research agency of his own in partnership with two relative (and, as subsequent events reveal, rather weird) strangers, and the other, an unnamed ’I’, who, as a junior executive in another multinational firm, finds himself constantly blundering into situations that his business school education had not prepared him for, be it at home, in office or on the streets of Calcutta. While a series of bizarre experiences stretch their talent and fortitude to breaking point and force them to unlearn all the tenets of management that they’d imbibed in business school, they manage to muddle through in the end by adhering to a simple life-lesson: not to take oneself too seriously. Clueless & Co. is an invitation to join them in a rib-tickling, rip-roaring, rollercoaster ride through a wacky world of mortifying misadventures and commercial calamities.

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Chetan Bhagat on “Clueless & Co.”

Indian fiction is changing fast & acquiring a new contemporary edge - Pratik’s book adds to that refreshing movement.

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